Twitter and the Hype Cycle: The worst of the bad part is the beginning of the best part

Matt K. Lewis was early(ish) to Twitter. He resisted, tested, embraced, and then benefited from the service. But now, Twitter is too loud and too obnoxious and just too much:

Twitter has become like high school, where the mean kids say something hurtful to boost their self-esteem and to see if others will laugh and join in. Aside from trolling for victims after some tragedy, Twitter isn’t used for reporting much anymore. But it is used for snark.

Matt, meet the Hype Cycle.

The thing I like about the Hype Cycle is that the ominous “Trough of Disillusionment” is followed by the best parts: the “Slope of Enlightenment” and the “Plateau of Productivity.” These are the stages when a technology pushes through the noise to emerge as something truly useful.

Blogging is a great example. Does anyone talk about blogs anymore? Is anyone hot and bothered about this new wave of personal publishing?


That’s because blogging rolled along the hype cycle and settled into its true identity: a simple, powerful and democratizing publishing technology. Like all good utilities, blogging became boring and genuinely useful.

Twitter is following the same path. When we all stop complaining about it — and writing linkbaity headlines — that’s when we’ll know Twitter has matured into the technology it was always meant to be.