I help companies meet their goals by combining editorial best practices and digital marketing techniques.

I believe there’s a best possible version of every piece of content, and that version must check the boxes of audience need, organization need, and cost.

Here are the ways I can help you.


I’ve handled many different types of editorial work, from development editing to copy editing and pretty much everything in between. I bring empathy and respect to every project because I understand that writing is hard and often quite personal. See some of my favorite editing work.

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Content strategy

I understand the mix of big-picture thinking and practical tactics you need to make a content strategy succeed. Check out my content strategy experience.

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Website management

I’m good at running websites because I’ve run a lot of different websites. I know how to get around the quirks of content management systems (CMS). I can build efficient edit calendars and production pipelines. I know how to apply search engine optimization (SEO) in elegant ways. I can also lead content teams. If you need someone to consult and guide, I can do that. If you need someone to run your content site, I can do that too.

Email me at and let’s talk about how I can help with your website.