Out of work reporter breaks big news in pajama pants

Despite no longer having an organization or a job or maybe even a desk, former Boston Phoenix staff writer David S. Bernstein (@dbernstein) still managed to break the story that Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino would not run for another term (this is huge news in Boston — physicists have determined that Menino is the city’s Constant).

Bernstein’s feat was celebrated in journalism circles, and some rightly questioned how a man who can land the big scoop remains unemployed:

And this is when my respect for Bernstein reached a whole new level:

Key lesson: journalism needs more pajama pants.

Via Poynter

Abandonment rate and job applications

Liz Ryan says abandonment rate applies to shopping carts and job applications alike:

When you start to make a purchase online and then drop out before the deal is done, that’s an abandoned cart. Corporate leaders should be paying just as close attention to the abandonment of applications on the company’s ATS (applicant tracking system) portal. When job-seekers start the process and then drop out, that’s a failure for the employer. If we knew how badly our employer branding (the kind that prospective job applicants see) was hurting us in the talent acquisition arena, we might spend more time and energy writing genuine, human job ads in plain English and rethinking the whole red-tape-laden hiring process. [Emphasis included in original post.]

And a related warning to HR folks enamored with “ninja” and “rockstar” terminology: Your future self will regret this choice.