Notable things: Yup, that’s how Twitter works; why The Daily bit it; holiday decorating done big and done right

Bob Lefsetz on the realities of Twitter:

Just because you tweet, don’t expect your followers to see it. Few view their feed comprehensively. They check in and check out. Catching only bits and pieces. Even forgetting your fake and dormant followers, which are voluminous, far fewer than fifty percent of your followers see one of your tweets. Actually, I’d be stunned if 10-15% of your active followers see one of your tweets.

10-15% is generous. I’d put it closer to 2%.

Regardless of the specific number, this point stands: To harness Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or any other platform we have now or in the future, you must acknowledge the limitations and work with them.

(Related: I didn’t even know Lefsetz was on Twitter. I get his updates via email.)

The Daily’s problem was simply that they weren’t conceived to operate on $5 or $6 million per year in revenue. A smarter, smaller team could.


” … they are about to be taught a lesson in the real use of power. You will be witnesses.” — Hans Gruber

To all the chuckleheads out there who wrap a single string of lights around an evergreen and call it “decorating,” I offer this:

(Watch the whole thing. Also, God bless the people who live across the street from this house.)