Penguin’s Book Country dropping print on demand

Book Country, a community / publishing service run by Penguin, is in the midst of a relaunch. Among the changes noted in this Publishers Weekly piece is the elimination of a print-on-demand (POD) option.

Book Country community manager Colleen Lindsay (@ColleenLindsay) explained the move:

“Not too many [authors] wanted POD, there are other places to go for POD and e-books are easier to produce. We want to offer the best e-book solution for authors.”

That’s interesting. I think of print as one output among many. I’ve never given any consideration to the merits of dropping a format — print is the same as PDF or EPUB or Mobi in my mind — but if I really had to eliminate a format because of business considerations, of course I’d get rid of print. It’s the format with the most overhead and the most risk.