Notable things: To me, from me; frozen turkeys and deep fryers = crossing the streams; Anderson Cooper is a Twitter maestro

The United States celebrates Black Friday Eve tomorrow. To commemorate a day that should make people feel downright horrible about their gluttonous ways, the National Retail Federation (NRF) has a whole bunch of holiday shopping factoids!

This is my favorite:

Six in 10 shoppers (59.0%) plan to spend an average of $139.92 on “self-gifting” this holiday season.

“Self-gifting.” That’s gold! I’m going to use that after the next Apple event.

But there’s more …

… the biggest portion of shoppers’ budget this year will go towards gifts for family members with the average person planning to spend $421.82 on children, parents, aunt, uncles and more. Additionally, people will spend $75.13 on friends, $23.48 on co-workers and $28.13 on others, such as pets and community members. Consumers will also spend on food and candy ($100.76), greeting cards ($28.66) and flowers ($19.55.) When it comes to decorations, the average person will spend $51.99, up from $49.15 last year and the most in the survey’s history. Total spending on holiday décor will reach $6.9 billion.

Let’s repeat that last sentence.

“Total spending on holiday décor will reach $6.9 billion”

We live in bountiful times.

(Via Quartz.)

Here’s why you don’t put a frozen turkey in a deep fryer:

And because I never miss a chance to post this, here’s the first video I ever watched online (although back then it was a tiny buffering thing that took 10 minutes to load):

(The good stuff starts at 2:04: “The humor of the entire situation suddenly gave way to a run for survival as huge chunks of whale blubber fell everywhere.”)

Anderson Cooper, troll hunter.