The confounding and persistent belief that hyper-growth can last

There are certain things I cannot comprehend.

Michael Jackson’s post-“Bad” album sales.

The success of “Two and a Half Men.”

The McRib.

But the most confounding thing of all is the notion that exponential growth can be sustained over a long period of time. Case in point: This Associated Press piece questions Apple’s ability to maintain unthinkable double-digit profits quarter after quarter:

Analysts said the warning suggested Apple can no longer sustain its growth without some completely new products. Its last revolutionary creation, the iPad, was launched in 2010. Co-founder Steve Jobs, who was the engine behind the creation of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, died in 2011.

So, people are concerned that Apple’s string of amazing product releases will — as all things do — end?

Of course it will end.

Meteoric growth relies on luck, context and rocket fuel. Sustainable growth relies on luck, context and solar panels.

I just don’t understand the go-go-go mindset. I suppose it’s exciting and interesting. But it’s not something you count on.