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The Race to a Trillion

“Over time, new forces will rise that will challenge existing processes and require giants to come up with new ways of thinking. The degree to which management teams can respond and adjust to these new forces will determine the amount of success in staying at the top. There is nothing inherently found with today’s giants that prevents new companies from leveraging technologies to deliver customer value in new ways. Instead of there being some kind of innovation black hole where advancements can only come from the five giants, tomorrow’s giants will likely use today’s leaders as stepping stones to reach new heights. An example of this development would be the way companies have used smartphones to rethink transportation via ride sharing.”

"101 Ways to Save Apple" was published in a 1997 edition of Wired. Hindsight is sometimes hilarious. Item No. 1 “Admit it. You’re out of the hardware game.” Though, to be fair, there are a number of prescient recommendations on the list: No. 14 “Do something creative with the design of the box and separate yourselves from the pack,” and No. 34 “Port the OS to the Intel platform.” Here’s the thing: Few could have connected the dots between Apple’s low point in ’97 and now. That also means few can connect the dots between the present and whatever is to come. And that’s what makes things interesting.