Notable things: Fiscal cliff terminology, Dole/Kemp ’96 lives, a bizarre panel for Time’s person of the year

The Quartz newsletter (highly recommended, by the way) contained this gem about the “fiscal cliff” and defense spending:

“In yet more cliff-inspired mixed metaphor, a Defense Department official has told the Seattle Times he is preparing for ‘fiscal castration.'”


Also from Quartz: The website for Dole/Kemp ’96 is still online. And it’s glorious. Take a look:

Dole Kemp 96 website

The answer: Matt Lauer, Bryan Cranston, Newt Gingrich, Padma Lakshmi and Michael Nutter.

The question: Who are five people who have never been in my kitchen?

We’d also accept: Who are the five random and bizarre people brought together to “debate” Time’s pick for person of the year?

And yes, I wrote this last bit so I could embed this:

I wish Monoprice sold everything

Mental note: Whenever considering the purchase of a case, plug, adapter or cord, for the love of God, consult Monoprice before pulling the trigger. I often forget about the site. I need to stop doing that.

For example … I got an iPhone 5 and I wanted a bumper (don’t judge, I like bumpers). Apple doesn’t make an iPhone 5-compatible bumper, so I searched through Amazon for something suitable. Nothing fit the bill.

So I checked Monoprice and I found exactly what I was looking for. And here’s the kicker: the bumper set me back less than $7 with shipping and tax and whatnot all factored in.


I paid $29+ for my iPhone 4 bumper. Granted, it was a little nicer than what I got from Monoprice, but it wasn’t $20 nicer.

(This isn’t an advertisement. I don’t have any association with Monoprice. I just think it’s awesome and I’m writing this post in the hopes it’ll stop being an afterthought when I’m shopping around.)

Interview checklist: What to check before the camera rolls

A few tough lessons I’ve learned after conducting lots of video interviews:

How’s your hair? — A flyaway patch is distracting. Lock that thing down.

Anything in your teeth? — Leafy vegetables love camera time.

Do you look presentable? — Reasonable shirt? Check. Pants? Check. Footwear? Check. (These are not shoes.)

How’s your breath? — Interviewees should not be overwhelmed by that grande house blend.

How’s the background? — Is it distracting?

And the big one …

Are you conducting an interview or having a conversation?

An interview is about the other person. A conversation is about both people.

If it’s not about you, don’t make it about you.